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Magnify Man is the product of Fugaso, a venerable classic firm that chose to give the Crash game format a go. The game’s name definitely seems intriguing, but is it worthwhile to give it a try? The game’s superhero theme is a good place to start and may grab your attention. Watching a superhero fly around is refreshing because most Crash games are all about fighter jets and space rockets. The UI of the game is therefore quite user-friendly, and you’ll get used to it quickly!

A New Way to Win Big

In crash games, you’ve seen charts, aeroplanes, and spacecraft fly. Magnify Man, the superhero you are about to back with your money. He can fly at the speed of sound and use his super abilities to increase your wager as he soars. Simply remember to cash out before he takes your money and takes off in a jet at Mach.

The cryptocurrency casino Magnify Man is accessible at Future Gaming Solutions-affiliated sites (Fugaso). To play, you may use bitcoins at one of the greatest sites, Visit it during your next gaming session to play and win in this straightforward game.

What Exactly Is The Casino Game Magnify Man?

A crash game called Magnify Man is often located in the online casinos’ slot games section. The superhero of the same name performs a running movement in 3D animation before taking off on a loop. The only distinction between each spin is how long the camera can keep up with him until he sped out of the frame.

How to play and win Magnify Man?

Magnify Man is an intuitive game. Watch your wager grow in value as the camera follows the superhero as he soars to the sky. The higher he climbs, the greater your potential reward. However, as soon as he leaves the screen, which can happen at any time starting at 1.5x, you lose your bet. 

A random number generator determines when he hits Mach speed (RNG). Once that occurs, you lose your bet, but since you can’t predict when, it’s up to you to decide when to cash out. A system where you can only withdraw money at a certain rate would be an alternative. Since it can help you recoup your losses and reaches this high more frequently than higher rates, many crash players believe that 3x is the safest time to engage in such activity. 

This game is thrilling since there is no cap on crash games. If you want to test your luck, playing an online casino game might reward you with the largest payment. It’s possible for the camera to follow Magnify Man indefinitely, or at the very least until you earn the maximum amount of 10,000x. You may place your bet between 0.2 mBTC minimum and 100 mBTC maximum, which might result in a maximum win of 2000 mBTC or 1,000,000 mBTC.

If You Like Magnify Man, You Should Try These Other Games


If you like Magnify Man, you might also enjoy some other recent titles in the crash genre. One of the most well-known is Aviator from Spribe since it offers additional customizability options, such as a second betting interface. As a result, you may abandon one wager when it’s the safest to-do so and continue with the other to increase your reward. The same features are included in Turbo Games’ Crash X; however, it has a more cosmic vibe. These are just a few examples of games like Magnify Man, all of which are excellent choices.

Magnify Man's Features And Gameplay

Magnify Man’s gameplay loop is fully familiar if you’ve ever played a Crash game, so you’ll feel right at home. You must first decide how much danger you are willing to take. You will then get to see a superhero soar when the game round’s bet multiplier increases. As always, you must cash out your prizes prior to the superhero taking flight!

Hope becomes a fantasy in a city where crooks and dishonest authorities rule day and night, and it is impossible to dispel with simple prayers. Then, one night, Magnify Man appears out of nowhere and saves the town after a group of hooligans plots a bank robbery. He soars into the air wearing his recognisable red cloak and spandex costume. Fly and see the start of transformation. In this thrilling crash game from Fugaso, meet the newest superhero in town! Watch how he leaps from one building to the next to stop thugs from terrorising the populace. You may join his team with its RTP of 96%.

Fortunately, you can place up to two bets per game round, allowing you to pursue two distinct strategies at once if you so choose. You may, for instance, take a more cautious approach to one of your bets while letting the other one go wild. Additionally, it’s important to note that Magnify Man has some autoplay options and fundamental social features, so it is clear that it is on par with the rest of the field.